SMA Extra Hungry Infant Milk from birth onwards, Hackney E5

I have half of 450g tin left, expired date 19/05/2012. My baby has is now 6 months so he has grown out of me on my email:


  1. Moved over from the Clapton group

  2. sorry i’m a newbie, have not idea that i could not post such freebies on Clapton group

  3. Hi, I’m just doing some tidy up this morning and this seems like something that would appeal more to members of parents rather than everyone in the Clapton group.

  4. @suchanprasong – FYI there’s no reason to switch to 6 month + formula unless you particularly want to, so you could hold on to this yourself. NHS and WHO recommend formula users stick with infant milk (i.e. the stuff you use from birth) rather than moving to  6 month plus milk. The existence of these follow on milks is based on the advertising regulations as you can’t advertise newborn milk, but can advertise follow on milk. Have a look here the NHS guide which recommends you carry on using infant formula until you switch to cows milk. Hope this helps.

  5. Wow! I had no idea! Thanks, but my son doesn’t like this particular one anyway. He prefers breast milk, that’s why we have so much left. Good to know though thanks : )

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