SLAGBOX : a singles’ night for people who don’t like singles’ nights

Welcome to the concept of the SLAGBOX.You bring a single friend of the opposite sex to accompany you.We give you a number.You scan the stickered dancefloor and note the number of your suitor. Write them a cheeky note as formal or as informal as you like, choosing whether to add or omit your number.Pop it in the SLAGBOX where it will be read out by the compere during Round 1 or Round 2 of the evening.The rest is up to you!If you are shy we are very happy to reintroduce the slow dance section at the end of the evening…..For the adventurous/totally hammered there’s always SHAGLOTTO. You pay £1 to enter, at 2am we draw 1 girl, 1 boy and send you off in a cab, gratis.

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  1. We had a similar party in Toronto years ago, but you get message boxes instead! The party became so popular that couples started going too and threw all odds out for the singletons!

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