Skill swap

This may warrant its own group, but… wondering if anyone is interested in building up a network of people who are interested in sharing skills?
The idea would be to save money by offering something I can do that I’d normally charge for for free, on the basis that you do the same for me!
e.g. at the moment I need help in the garden, electrical work, labouring and can offer
– antenatal classes

– postnatal support- doula stuff
– filming/editing
(if my husband agrees as this is his area!)
Anyone think this kind of network could work?


  1. Hey @hackneydoula I’d say that this is the perfect group for that to happen – but I think it could potentially do with a few more members first

  2. This is a great idea. And it works wonders in Bristol, there is a group there called ‘just for the love of it’  which is brilliant and loads of people get involved in helping each other out. Everyone’s a winner! By the way if anyone can give me a few pointers on the trumpet I would be most grateful – can repay you in chutneys / jams or whatever you need help with really. Sarah x

  3. This sounds like a very good idea!

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