SKEPTICS IN THE PUB – Autism: An introduction to treatments – Monday 28th May

MON 28th MAY. Doors 6.30. Talk: 7.30. £2.50

SKEPTICS IN THE PUB – Autism: An introduction to treatments; the good the bad and the ugly – Speaker: Tannice Pendegrass

After going through definitions of Autism and what it means for the person on the ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) Tannice will reveal the results of her own survey into what people know and think about autism its effects causes and treatments.

As a former ABA tutor with the UK Young Autism Project for children on the austistic spectrum Tannice keeps a close eye on new developments in treatments. However she’s not impressed with some of the purported miracle cures that include the usual suspects of homeopathy and acupuncture and the terrible stress and toxic treatments that many children must endure. So she takes you through the pros and cons of ‘quack’ treatments and the evidence for learning-based treatments like ABA.

Doors 6.30. Talk: 7.30. £2.50


  1. Sorry – when? And does this extend to adults with ASD or just children?

  2. Sorry the title length was too long, it’s on the 28th of May. I believe the talk will be about ASD treatments generally perhaps with a focus on young people and treatments used on them by well-meaning adults.

  3. I would also be interested in information concerning adults with ASD, and including girls/women, as there is little available.  Just in case the speaker may be able to take that into consideration. Thank you.

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