Single post, multiple tags

An identical post about oxjam appeared on about 6 groups just now. Here’s an idea (I’m a developer myself so know what it’s like to field random suggestions, so all my ideas are just trying to help and I know that it’s often best to leave things as they are):
– Perhaps a single post could be posted to multiple groups
– Users that are following several groups that it was posted to would ideally only receive one email, rather than one for each group as at the moment
– Each of the threads would be identical regardless of which group they were accessed from – they would all contain the same messages.
– Ideally it would also be possible to assign (or remove) an existing thread to belong to a second group later on in it’s life


  1. Hi @goodlegs thanks for the suggestions, it’s something I need to have a think though, in the meantime I have closed down the duplicate threads as it’s a good idea not to have the same conversations going on in different places.

  2. @goodlegs – just some info on this related to digests and what I have discovered, the digests take their content from the activity table, so as the duplicate messages were deleted from the stream, it’s only those who have \new topics” or “all email” as their email options for those groups that would have had the multiple posts.”

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