Singers or songwriters – Get a song recorded for free

Hi,I’m in the process of starting a new mobile recording business but need to get some recordings done before I launch the business. As a result I’m offering 100% free recordings to singers/or songwriters who would like to get a high quality demo. In return all I ask for is a short testimonial quote for my site and with your permission putting the track on the site also. If you don’t have your own song but would like to sing a cover (or know someone who would enjoy doing this) then please still get in touch. I offer a mobile service so could do the recording pretty much anywhere. Below is a quote from someone I recorded last weekend… I have had many experiences in the past of recording my songs but have always been left feeling unhappy with them. The recording I made is the first one I feel genuinely pleased with. The whole experience was great I felt relaxed when I performed and very importantly I wholly trusted Dave’s judgement as to when my performance was acceptable or not. This was particularly valuable when recording backing vocals Communication before and after the recording was excellent the first mix was sent to me very quickly and the few minor adjustments I asked for were dealt with swiftly. I can’t recommend this highly enough. The quality of recording you get at the end is as good if not better than going to a studio in a far more relaxed and natural environment. My email is if this opportunity interests you. I look forward to hearing from you. Cheers”