Sign Petition against new Betting shop licence at 1-2 Clarence Road

This is the only opportunity for all local residents, visitors and workers to have their say about another betting shop in the most prominent  shop location in central Hackney before the Licencing comitte considers the application on October 29thSince the last one closed down this corner (epicentre of last years riot) has been a much freindlier and more harmonious space. Please join this campaign:


  1. The link doesn’t seem to be working…

  2. You have to copy and  paste it , not sure why.  The other one is a deleted account.

  3. Looks like there are 2 petitions

  4. Hi everyone, first off, I’m new to this group but am loving it already! So many great inside tips and issues on Hackney. Secondly, I’m a local student journalist and am writing an article on the planned opening of this betting shop on clarence road and the petition against it. Would anyone be willing to talk to me about the petition either over the phone or in person? Email is Thanks!

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