I don’t know if anyone actually saw this hilarious parody the other day in the Standard, but is it really true (I truly hope not) that residents of Shoreditch refer to themselves as \Shordos”? Guess it sounds better than the old “Shoreditch Twat” though the latter sounds infinitely more appropriate in this girl’s case.’m wonder what an appropriate moniker for Clapton should be? Clapto? Claptonite? Or possibly Nretlein (not rich enough to live elsewhere in hackney)?”


  1. listen to their show on shoreditch radio – they most certainly are not serious, but quite amusing. I met one of them the other night and although their clothes are outrageous all the time they save the silliness for their characters.

  2. @gavinredknapClapt-Out?

  3. I like Claptonite. And Dalstonettes – for girls from Dalston.

  4. Yeah I like Claptonite. Sounds a bit like Kryptonite. Turns out there’s already a band called Claptonite. No guessing who their influence is.

  5. Other naff names might include DeBeauvians, Wicksters, and SoHacks (for those in E9)

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