Shiatsu Massage for Pregnant ladies….

Shiatsu massage, known as acupuncture without the needles, is a very safe and wonderful treatment for the mother-to-be. The sessions creates the time and the space to connect deeply with yourself and the process of being pregnant. Shiatsu re-balances the energy flow of the body and will support your body to make the changes it needs to during all trimesters of your pregnancy, giving you more chance to enjoy this wonderful time of your life.Some of the benefits to the mother-to-be:Complementary care instead of medication for support of physical changes eg. backache, tight shoulders and neck, pelvic discomfort or pains, abdominal compression, sciatica, morning sickness, indigestion, oedema, constipation, cramps, restless legs, high blood pressure, breathlessness, anxiety, symphysis pubis pain..relaxation for the mind and the bodyopportunity for emotional relieve.focus on positive aspects of pregnancy eg. connection with the baby..Continuity of support from the same bodyworker throughout the pregnancy who may be at the birth and then continue to work with the mother postnatally.Benefits for the baby:A calm, relaxed environment is likely to be of benefit for the baby as well as the mother.Help to encourage mother/baby connection/bonding.May help encourage optimal fetal positioning.Your Shiatsu practitioner Dilek Efendioglu is trained by well respected www.wellmother.orgThe treatment room is located at Clapton, near Homerton hospital. Mobile home visits are also available.1 hour treatment is £40 at Clapton treatment room.Special offer of 6 for 5, per treatment comes down to £33.You can contact Dilek on 07956146885 or Website