Setting up a Yeah Hackney band?

Hi everyone,I wondered if there are any other Yeah Hackney members who fancy setting up a little band doing covers and interesting songs which we could perform at Hackney events?  Something for everyone from kids songs to a jazz cover? Maybe we could do a skiffle version of a Lady GaGa song?  I play guitar, piano, bass and drums (the latter, quite badly) and would love to organise something like this. Something fun, without masses of commitment that could rehearse locally?Most combinations of instruments can work, so let me know what you play, or if you sing, and I’ll go about organising it.Des


  1. Hi Des, I’m up for it. I play (in order of goodness) Singing, guitar, bass, shaking things, tambourine, kazoo, coughing. But I’m also good at getting music out of a computer.

  2. Hi Des, I’m very interested too. Like Greg I sing and play a bunch of instruments kinda badly but it all comes back with practise, right? Guitar, sax, keyboard, tom tom’s and anything hittable, sampling & programming. Uh, penny whistle… Have some stage mikes and a little mix desk which could be useful. Very small PA which would be laughable performing but might be handy for rehearsals.

  3. Why don’t we have a small get together in the New Year at the Biddle Bros and see who comes along?

  4. Hi, I am interested too.  I am a musician (piano, guitar, bass, trumpet) who used to gig and misses it badly. I might also be able to provide some rehearsal space as I manage a rehearsal studio just of Well St.Let me know how we proceed. Cheers Peter – 0797 020 4765

  5. Hello everybody ! I am very interested in playing in a band. I play trombone and… that’s it actually but I can play bass drum, a little bit of tuba and triangle… I am still active in a French brass band that I would like to welcome in Hackney for end of May. Here is our Myspace if your curious of what it sounds like : See you around ! A.

  6. hello, i am a singer/songwriter and i think this sounds fun.

  7. LIkewise – I play most instruments (to varying degrees) as well as write & arrange & would be interested in following developments – the jam in Biddle Bros (just round the corner from me) sounds like a good idea.

  8. This sounds awesome! I’ve been singing my whole life, most recently was in a (kitchy, camp, but awesome) Meatloaf tribute band called Anything For Loaf (had to leave when I left NYC). Count me in for the meetup!

  9. Yes! Just say when and we can have a jam, even if there are a lot of us, it’ll still be good times.

  10. Hi everyone…Hope you all had a good new year. Who fancies a quick pint next week sometime in Hackney so we can organise getting together for a jam?  Probably worth doing that first just so we could discuss what we might do… or let’s all turn up to a jam and everyone bring a lead sheet for a number they’d like to cover?Can I propose next Monday evening at the Biddle Brothers on Lower Clapton Road at 8pm? Des

  11. Peter Joucla – or perhaps we could meet at your studio one night next week?Let’s hear your thoughts people.

  12. Oh my word … it’s like an online version of the Commitments. It’s great.

  13. Great stuff 🙂

  14. Hi everyoneLet’s get the ball rolling then. Anyone interested fancy a pint on Monday at the Biddle Bros to meet and discuss getting this done?  I can just see us entertaining the troops alongside the Albion Kids Fair all summer…. @bowlofchalk   @jakesnow  @miltnr  @rogerc  @ihearthackney  @peterjoucla  @frenchietrombone @gregmclaren @ganly

  15. Hey Desb !I’m up for a pint on Monday at the Biddle Bros. What time? Cheers André

  16. 7.30p+ Will confirm over the weekend if enough people reply. Otherwise will try and set up another evening!

  17. Hi @desb, I’ll be up for a pint on Monday night – will try to get there for 7:30 but might not make it till 8. This is certainly looking more and more like fun with the more people that are expressing interest. I reckon me and @miltnr should do a duet of Paradise By The Dashboard Light once we start making sounds louder than talking 🙂

  18. @bowlofchalk   @jakesnow  @miltnr  @rogerc  @ihearthackney  @peterjoucla  @frenchietrombone @gregmclaren @ganlyOk Ill be at Biddle Brothers from 7.30. Let me know if you are coming. 07879811522. Ill be the bald man with black glasses! Des

  19. I’d love to come but I have plans to go to Woodburner at The Russet with some friends (plus I have no voice at the moment thanks to a persistent cough, so not very useful in terms of demonstrating singing, or even speaking, prowess). @desb if I text you with my info will you let me know when the next meeting is?”

  20. I may pop along too for a nosey, as it’s 2 mins from my place, depending on how today goes

  21. As it happens I teach music in S London on Monday nights & won’t be back in the area until after 9.30 (depends on trains & buses) so I’ll look in (it’s on my way home).

  22. Yeh! Ok, see you tonight.  Des, are you involved with the Kids Show?

  23. @gregmclarenNot at all!  I’m a TV producer/director but I’m in a band as well. Just felt like doing something more fun and local.  Ok see whoever can make it from 7.30pm then.@miltnr No singing tonight ha ha. You can text me, but I’ll update on here anyway. Des

  24. Sorry, I didn’t make it last night (knackered after 6 hours of teaching & couldn’t bring myself to get off the bus…) but how did it go? Any joy? Will definitely make any subsequent meetings if possible. Roger

  25. No worries Roger – we had a few people turn up last night and a convivial drink talking about music and stuff. Hopefully at the next meeting, we’ll have even more people turn up and we can discuss how to move forward – what type of music, getting a jam/rehearsal together. I’d like to propose the next meeting as Wednesday 1st Feb 8pm at the Biddle Bros again. Hopefully that’ll give me enough time to get more people on board. @bowlofchalk   @jakesnow  @miltnr  @rogerc  @ihearthackney  @peterjoucla @frenchietrombone @gregmclaren @ganly

  26. Wednesday  1st looks good!

  27. Hi, apologies for not keep ing up with this.. I was abroad till today. I’m still interested. Wednesdays are not so good for me.  The studio might be free on a Sunday afternoon from 2 – 5pm. I’m wondering if that might be a good time for people to meet.

  28. Hey !I am so angry at myself ! I didn’t check my emails and thought the meeting was cancelled because of no answer over last weekend… Well I am in for sure on 1st February. See you there !

  29. @frenchietrombone it’s always best to keep an eye on the conversation on the website, just in case an email doesn’t make it through!

  30. I can try that Peter. Ok Everyone what about Sunday 29th Jan at 2pm? @frenchietrombone don’t worry. It was only an initial meeting. I bet it takes 2 more meetings in a pub before we get round to a rehearsal room. In and out of yeahhackney 16 people have expressed an interest so I’m sure it’s worth just being patient till as many as possible have met and chipped in their thoughts. For the next meeting it would be good to think about songs you might like to cover if we proceed on the basis of doing something that a 4 year old might like. In my daughter’s case that could be anything from The Unicorn by the Bachelors to Bad Romance by Lady Gaga to Yellow Submarine, any Disney song or Coldplay. My thought was to do something entertaining that had a distinctly Hackney feel to it – leftfield, witty, accomplished – so that nothing is done as you would expect it, but done impressively. But that’s only my thoughts. I don’t mind really as long as it’s fun doing it.

  31. I’m OK for the 29th too – where would it be?

  32. Hi All, was good to meet last time, will def come next time.  In the meantime, if you’re interested, here’s a Christmas song I did: P.s Des, This was a Macca one-dayer, if you know what I mean

  33. Still available for 2.00 on Sunday – still in the dark where it might be???

  34. Not available tomorrow sorry. Let me know for the next meeting!

  35. I won’t be coming if I don’t know where…

  36. Apologies been away filming and haven’t checked in but didn’t get many replies anyway. Maybe there’s not enough people really interested!

  37. I’m still interested !! I’ve been working on nightshift recently so not really easy to have a social life !!

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