September 18th, 2013 @ The Plough

Hello YH!,In usual fashion I was planning to book twee8 in near me (dukes brew, stags head, scolt, riberia, etc) but saw the new pub opening and I suppose its tradition now that we pay a collective visit. So I think we should go to the plough unless anyone thinks we should avoid it or some other disaster (WW III?). The Plough23 – 25 Homerton High St’ish pm


  1. sadly (or happily!) i will be on holiday. have fun!

  2. It’s in the diary, see you kids there

  3. I’ll be there…

  4. extending an invite to new YH! members, come along and say hello @hannahls @ovalspace @janinef @nicolesarah @joelenvision @arantza @irishannie @guidingann @toriabravery @eatmyworld

  5. thanks! We swing by.

  6. @janinef great, see you there. if you’re on twitter keep an eye on this hashtag to see who has arrived #twee8

  7. I’ll be over, with or without Tom. See you all then!

  8. I have a work thing I now need to go to first, so will be along after that.

  9. Thanks a lot for the invitation, I can’t attend this time but count me in for the next one. Cheers!

  10. @Arantza it’s the third weds of the month, the next one will be announced on this forum.

  11. completely forgot about this ! How was it? How was the new pub?

  12. Thanks Emily!!!

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