Secret Nepalese Supper Club

Rajiv’s Kitchen supper club is putting on a Nepalese feast on Saturday 24th August at 19:30 in a secret location in E1

  • Welcome DrinkA very secret cocktail.
  • PRE-STARTERMaasu Baara ( Nepalese Lentils & minced Lamb patties) served with green chutney.
  • PRE-STARTER 2Momos ( Lamb/Chicken/Pork/Veg), served with spicy tomatoes & sesame sauce. (*Momos are traditional Nepalese dumplings.)
  • STARTERChicken & potatoes Nepalese croquette served with home made Tamarind chutney.
  • MAIN COURSEMutton marinated in yogurt, cooked with cashew paste/nuts & Nepalese herb & spices for 4-5 hrs. *Mild
  • Chicken & mushroom curry cooked with Nepalese herb & spices. *Hot
  • Yogurt & potatoes salad with sweet red onions, green chillies,fresh coriander & fenugreek flavoured oil. (Served cold)//// Paneer & capsicum Chilli. *Hot
  • Flame roasted egg plant curry cooked with fried mustard seeds
  • (Main course is served with steamed fragnant rice/paratha bread).
  • DESSERTLychee & blueberries served with vanilla ice cream & topped with sesame crumble & a fresh mint.

And, it’s BYO drinks. all for £30 Only 5 tickets left so get your ticket quickly: