Searching for a new home for my PA.

Does anyone know of any venues/bars/pubs that are opening in the not to distant future / being refurbished / etc and that are in need of a sound system? I’m looking for a new home for one of mine which is currently under-appreciated at its current location. It’s a full live band set-up or I can do it as a DJ set, d&b speakers, good for 100-250 capacity.

Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Drop me a line here, or email

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  1. @garethdj well yes, funny you should ask, the hot topic of the season is the pending refurbishment of the Clapton Hart at the Lea Bridge Rd roundabout. Why don’t you ask @fiantic if they’re interested? They are planning to have live music (although not too loud…) so they might well be!

    There’s more on this here

    good luck!

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