Scoot! Hackney Sunday 28th July

Hey all,@stephenwalker78 and I are thinking about a Hackney ride out (around) on Sunday 28th July. Stopping off at a few cafes around and maybe nipping up to Epping (about 40 mins away) open to suggestions. Who fancies joining?@Jimbo @Onscrean @Markc @Timboyates @Titch @Richey23 @Beany @Modstar64


  1. I’m in!

  2. @3djamie cool.The next important question is which bike do I take?

  3. All of the bikes! Let’s try out a route this weekend @ewebber

  4. Away in Italy! Shame sounds great.

  5. @markc next time – we promise we won’t attempt to make everyone drive to Norfolk

  6. unfortunately @stephenwalker78 is moving office on Sunday, so we;ll postpone this and put a new date up soon. @3djamie @Jimbo @Onscrean @Markc @Timboyates @Titch @Richey23 @Beany @Modstar64

  7. Hello, sounds very good. Will definitely join in unless I am working on the chosen weekend. also got to fix my kickstart llever but that won’t take long.

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