Scipmylo Comedy Festival 2011

A bunch of East Londoner’s are taking advantage of the largest sporting festival in the world happening on our ‘patch’ to launch SCIPMYLO  FESTIVAL and we are not waiting till next year or stopping after the  Flame has moved on – This is legacy!! From a standing start in just 10 weeks and with massive help from our friends at the Comedy Cafe in Rivington Street the most fantastically amazing line up is coming your way. 8th – 17th September in Shoreditch Town Hall, Comedy Cafe and environs the Scipmylo Comedy Festival 2011 – tickets on sale now If you want to get involved we are looking for volunteers and we have huge plans for next year and beyond. We are not going to sit around and let the Olympics pass us by we are doing something about it and we need you help. Spread the word and please ‘like’ us on facebook and follow us on @scipmylo on twitter.


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  2. Tickets on sale now for SCIPMYLO Comedy Festival 8th – 17th September at Shoreditch Town Hall and Comedy Cafe Ed Byrne, Milton Jones, Stephen K Amos, Le Gateaux Chocolate, Phil Nichols, Boy with Tape on his Face, Jo Brand, Jonny Woo, Josie Lawrence and loads loads more

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