SCIPMYLOhas been started by a group of East Londoners to ensure that we are not just spectators at the largest festival in the world that lands on our patch in 2012. We are the hosts and as such want to ensure that we seize the moment to put on a right East End knees up. Starting this year with the SCIPMYLO Comedy Festival from 8th – 17th September at Shoreditch Town Hall and the Comedy Cafe and environs there is a massive amount of work to do to make this a huge success. This is not non for profit just not got any money at the moment! Have a look at the website follow us on twitter @scipmylo and ‘like’ us on facebook – scipmylo. If all that you do is spread the word we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. If you would like help us in any other way then please sign up on the website or email us at or via yeah! Hackney


  1. Hi @madeline can you give some more details about what you need the volunteers for?

  2. Hi Anyone that is good at Social Media to build our Facebook and Twitter presence would be brilliant. We will need volunteers for marshalling at Shoreditch Town Hall during the Festival as we move people around the building. We also have leaflets to hand out during the Festivals in Victoria Park over the coming weeks and at Hackney One Carnival on 7th August to drive traffic to our website. We want to get bars and restaurants involved so that they can enjoy the benefits of having 12,000 extra people in Hackney for 10 days. We have posters for this. We will be doing some ‘flash stunts’ leading up to the festival and we will need people to get involved. Sam from Spam and Beans and Nettle Market is our Fringe Festival Director and he will be looking to marry up anyone that wants to perform with a suitable venue.

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