Save our river! The River Lea boat dwellers

British waterways are trying to clear the boats that people are living in along the river Lee.Anyone who remembers what it was like along that stretch of river 10 or so years ago, when it was too dangerous to walk along in the middle of the day, will realise how the boat dwellers have improved the area. The boat dwellers keep the tow paths safe and clean. We all need to join together to help in their campaign to be allowed to stay on the river.


  1. @claptonlorna do you have any more details about their campaign activities?

  2. The boats have only just been told about this, and are still working out a strategy. I’ll post information as soon as I hear.

  3. theres more info and resources about the campaign/community on xx

  4. The specific campaign is on this link :'s interesting to think that the boaters as the unofficial caretakers of the canal

  5. Thanks for the info! Just to add to your useful links, there is a link for a feedback form on that page to British Waterways. send your feedback to British Waterways. I absolutely believe that the boaters do care take the tow path. 10 or so years ago the path along the river was dangerous and dirty. I really don’t want it to return to that state.

  6. Of course the feedback form is a word doc rather than an online form – seriously they don’t make it easy do they

  7. For anyone without Word; email before 9th May to Damian Kemp (Project Officer) at Paper copies should be posted Damian at British Waterways, 64 Clarendon Road, Watford WD17 1DA Tell us what your interest is in the waterways in this area (please tick all that apply)? Residential boater ? Boat owner with long term mooring in the plan area? Continuous cruiser in the plan area? Angler? Canoeist? Rower? Waterway / marine business ? Frequent visitor to Lee Valley Park? Cyclist? Local resident ? Local councillor? Local authority officer? Other local business e.g. cafe, pub? Other (please indicate)Prompts for respondingIn order to respond, it may help to answer the following questions, but it’s up to you. 1. What are your views on current levels of boating and mooring in the plan area?2. What effect (e.g. good, bad, none) does the current level of boating and mooring have on your enjoyment of the waterways and park?3. In general, what are your views on the proposals for managing moorings?4. How will you be affected by the proposals?5. Do you have any practical suggestions to make implementation easier / improve it?6. Any other comments?

  8. there is a free concert today (Sunday 1st May) to spread the word about the river proposals, at the Anchor & Hope at 2pm.
    Dead Plants and The Pukes – both acoustic bands playing on top of a barge next to the pub.!/event.php?eid=204974779543278

  9. Today’s Independent newspaper has a news feature on this;’SOLD DOWN THE RIVER?’ by Nina Lakhani

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