Samsung adverts on lampposts all over the borough

As seen here on Victoria Park Road: But they’re all over the place including conservation areas. Don’t they need planning permission for this kind of thing? Do they have any? I’ve emailed the council but so far have just had the “we’ll get back to you in 10 working days” autoresponse.”


  1. Those sites are leased by the council and they make quite a bit of money from it!

  2. I’ve just had a reply from the council – the application (and approval) was 2012/1428. The application doesn’t give any detail about what’ll be on the banners, just that they’re ‘advertisments’; and the planning officer’s report says: The signage would add visual interest to the appearance of the street and would hlep to indicate the events which will take place along the street and in the nearby Olympic park. In addition the signage would be for a limited period, which will lessen their visual impact. As such it is considered that the proposals would not detract unduly from the appearance of the street or result in excessive visual clutter. The grant of advertisment consent is recommended. (and that ‘excessively shiny materials’ should be avoided.) I don’t recall seeing any publicity for these – and looking at back issues of Hackney Today (issues 280 and 281), it doesn’t seem to have been advertised. And the application (and decision) don’t make any mention of the fact that some appear to be in a conservation area. Y’know, I think I’d be less angry about this if the adverts weren’t quite so ugly

  3. I think these are a total eye sore and am very keen to find out how to get them taken down.Surely as council tax payers we pay for the installation and upkeep of the lamp posts that the adverts are on. I hope we are getting a share of the money and if so how is this revenue reflected in the council tax amounts for next year?There are over 75 of them on Victoria Park Road alone. They certainly are of no visual interest to me and 75 of them on one road is both detracts from the visual of the street and is excessive clutter. Two things they said they wouldn’t be. Anyone with me?

  4. Is it really such a big deal? If they were permanent, then maybe. But the Olympics is not normality, and they’re only going to be there for a few weeks. May I gently suggest that anyone seriously aggrieved by the banners should count themselves lucky that they haven’t got more serious problems to vex them?

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