Samantha Sanders School of performing Arts is Registered!

Great News!  Samantha Sanders school of performing Arts is  now a registered school with the IDTA.  This comes as perfect timing for the grand opening on Sat 10th Sept in Springfield, Spring Lane, Big Hill, Clapton E5 9HQ.We are offering free trial classes on the 10th in the following subjects:Juvenile BalletJuvenile TapJunior Musical TheatreInter Street Jazz For more information contact samantha:0773 3484817

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  1. Hi Samantha, we are looking for ideas for a big performance, preferably by young performers. If you saw my post, I work with Mimbre, an hackney -based circus company, and we are developing a show about TIME with audience participation. Would any of your tutors or young dancers like to create a short video to play with the idea of Time (time freezes, time flyes, for example)? We are not looking for anything major, it could be a one minute excercise in class. Any contribution is appreciated. The best video will be credited and shown during a live streaming research and development show on Hackney live streaming on 13 February. All submission should come by 12 February at the latest. If you want to find out more, email me at or call me on 07946347631. i could come and meet you for a chat, too. Kathrin

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