Sainsburys Local bid for Mare Street

Sainsbury’s Local are planning a store on Mare Street. According to the Hackney Citizen there is an application for the sale of Alcohol lodged at the Town Hall already and it could be open before Christmas. I can’t find the application in my quick searches but supermarkets have a habit of submitting applications through other companies rather than their own name.I’m also not 100% of the location but it’s likely to not be far from the big Tesco or the many grocery stores already around the area. More at:


  1. The address is Cordwainer House, 23-47 Mare Street, London E8 4RB The licensing app is here. Comments may be submitted until 1 December. The shopfront application is pending and accepting comments until January: 2011/2980 so that will probably rule out a full opening until that is granted as Sainsbury’s are not the kind of brand to operate under temporary hoardings. Though you never know. The change of use to retail was granted back in May: 2011/0482

  2. I’m having a bit of a mare (pun intended) trying to find this on google maps/streetview, as it doesn’t seem to recognise the post code and I can only use IE7 at work which sucks a lot of dick.It looks like it’s near Victoria Park Road?

  3. Spot on. It’s here. The PDF of the site plan is here. Intriguing couple of ancillary applications for the site if anyone is interested: 2011/2978 To allow deliveries on Sundays and Bank Holidays between 10am 12pm 2011/3179 Installation of 2 louvre panels and a door to the rear elevation “

  4. Yeah the postcode isn’t working, but it might be a fairly new postcode as it’s a fairly new building

  5. Oh, um, didn’t find out about this till after the consultation closed. There’s certainly a good supply of supermarkets and corner shops on Mare Street  – the nearest being just on the other side of the canal bridge (on Cambridge Heath Road), and just down the road there’s the 24 hour Kivre store. I’m not sure that there’s really a need for more, but the site’s been empty for a while, so I suppose it was only a matter of time before one of the chains moved in.I suppose the only thing you can say in its favour is that there’ll be a free cash machine, which are few and far between round here.

  6. Actually, in addition to the one in Cordwainer House that has just opened, there’s another opening next month just up the road next to London Fields Cycles, 281 Mare St.

  7. I have just spoken to staff in the somerfield/co-operative on Lower Clapton Road which is closing down at the end of June and they informed me that the store was re-opening as a Sainsbury’s – could explain why isn’t on the planning website as no change of use would be required. Sad that couldn’t have been just refurbished as a co-op.

  8. Still, could have ended up as yet another Tesco’s… Always thought that supermarket was a bit odd. I’ve lived here for 8 years and in all that time it’s as if Somerfield/Co-op or whatever couldn’t give a toss about it. It’s always been a bit scruffy, sometimes badly-stocked and most of the freezers don’t work. Shame, cos I’ve always found the staff to be really pleasant, quite an achievement given the air of neglect that’s always hung over the place.

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