Russells of Clapton B&B

A B&B on Chatsworth Road, I’ll let @russellsbandb tell you more”


  1. hello, and thanks @ewebber! it is early days but russell’s is open, a minor miracle after the inevitable rows with builders! the house has been renovated and is, i think, comfortable and welcoming. feedback from guests has been very positive so far.some photos are going up on the site this week, we ran out of time so will be shooting more.hopefully we can lure people away from the soulless tourist traps to the true heart of the city!

  2. Interesting – could prove useful if I have any out of town visitors.

  3. Some photos are now up on the site, it looks very nice:Russells B and BRussells B and B

  4. well done @russellsbandb, it looks really lovely! I had been reading your blog occasionally and was very curious to see the results. Good luck with it!

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