Russells of Clapton B&B

There have been a fair few hotels popping up in Hackney of late, the upcoming Olympics plus parts of the borough area being hailed as a cool tourist destination has provided a perfect market for hotel owners. Those quickest to respond have been small independents and there are some interesting boutique lodgings being talked about.  One of the most interesting is a new B&B on Chatsworth Road in Clapton, I caught up with Annette Russell to find out more….

What is the idea behind Russells B&B?

I used to work in the music industry and traveled to the States a lot on business, and I found a great b&b in New York, that was run by a young couple in an old lighting factory. It was a great space, homely and relaxed. It attracted a really interesting mix of people, and I thought something similar would work in Hackney.

Why Hackney or more specifically why Chatsworth Road?

Having lived in Hackney for 10 years, the b&b couldn’t really be anywhere else. I love Clapton, it’s an oasis of friendly folk, amazing green spaces and thriving independent businesses. And we aren’t exactly spoilt for choice when it comes to decent hotels and guesthouses in the borough…

The building on Chatsworth Road was one of only two I found in months of looking that had the potential for a b&b, with the right layout and number of rooms. I’ve always liked the road and as it continues to evolve and new places open, I feel really lucky to be here. It’s brilliant to have so much on the doorstep. And its great to be even closer to the marshes and canal for the dog walking…

Tell us about Reggie

Reggie is Russell’s resident dog. He is very easy going and friendly and loves nothing more than curling up with guests on the sofa!

How has it been since you opened?

It has been pretty good since opening, I’ve had a steady stream of guests, with fairly minimal press and marketing so far. It’s been an eclectic mix of friends and family of locals, people here for work and bands and crew through my old music industry contacts.

Do you have anything else to tell us about?

I’m looking forward to spring kicking in so I can get the back garden sorted, start on the veggie patch and make some room for some chickens!

I will also be working with local cafes and restaurants to offer guests discounts, and am working on some low key events at the house.

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