Rushmore Primary School market AKA Sunday Morning Market

Thought this deserved a new topic as it is separate from the Chatsworth Road Market. Had a little wander down there today, nice atmosphere, and \Robotman” was a big hit with the kids. Venetia’s was busy (probably overspill from the market) and I think they were a bit surprised by that…”


  1. I find it more useful than the main Chatsworth Road market, as it has a butcher and a fishmonger, the two things I think Chatsworth Road lacks. Last time I also managed to get Duran Duran’s Rio on vinyl for £1. What more could you ask for.

    Didn’t go today but cycled past and was very excited to see the Sonic Manipulator back. He’s from Mars you know.”

  2. In case anyone is wondering, here is the Sonic Manipulator (at Broadway Market):

    Sonic manipulator

  3. After some looking, I found the website and the poster:

    Rushmore school market

    Every Sunday 10-2 🙂

    The website is here: along with some pics of the previous markets

  4. The Sunday Morning Christmas Market at Rushmore Primary School has started again – 13th Nov 18th December 2011 for yummy home made food stalls and more…

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