Running – need to find a hill

I’ve recently started running and finding routes (and groups) has been easy but I need to start including hills in my training. Can anyone recommend any hills to practice on around Hackney – Clapton to Vic Park/Broadway area ideally. I’ve only thought of Springfield Park so far and it’s not that near to me.


  1. Springfield is pretty much the only proper hill I know of in Hackney and one that we use the most. The green bridge that crosses mile end road off of the canal is probably the second best option. There are also quite a few new bridges in Olympic park that you could use.


  2. I’d think that heading up to stamford hill as well as Springfield park there are a few hills e.g. Big Hill, but it’s almost Springfield park. The other place might be towards Finsbury Park, but that’s even further. I was trying to look for an online tool, but the best I can find with a quick search is

  3. Yes, bit tricky round here, can only think of Springfield. Have you thought of incorporating some step ups into your routine? Not quite the same but will give you some more intensity in terms of leg workout, help with stability and raise your heart rate. When I run along the canal I do step ups on the benches – 20 either side, then jumping lunges, squats and walking lunges.

  4. Yep Springfield is the only hill around these parts. You’ll have to go up toward Ali Pali to get a proper one.

  5. Thanks everyone and for the tips around leg workouts too!

  6. Welcome! get more of a leg workout via yoga! I teach every Tues early morn plus Weds lunchtimes at The Well Garden above The Russet, all welcome, including beginners 😉 My classes are on the Yeahhackney calendar and I’ll be holding outdoor yoga when the weather starts to settle. (when will that be?!) Specialist Yoga For Runners classes also available if groups of friends want to club together – just let me know!

  7. Not in Hackney, but the leafy Parkland Walk, partly on a disused railway line, from Finsbury Park to Alexandra Palace via Queen’s Wood / Highgate Wood is a good workout. Altitude change 60m overall I think. There are great views of London and a bar at the top of Ally Pally as a reward, and frequent buses back to Finsbury Park too…

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