Rivington Street Pedestrianisation proposal

Rivington Street Pedestrianisation proposal

There is a consultation out about turing Rivington St into a pedestrianised zone, the proposal is to:

• Introduce ‘Pedestrian Zone’
• Install ‘Pedestrian Zone’ signs
• Install CCTV
• In operation 24/7
• Access for loading 6am-6pm
• Access for taxis at all times
• Loading and taxis remain one way
• special dispensation for residents/businesses
two way access for cyclists.

And ends on 25th April.

I’m assuming the taxis at all times is to cater the customers of the businesses there. I wonder how much additional traffic there currently is aside from taxis.

Personally I use the street to cut out the horrible junction on old street when I’m on my scooter, but I can understand why there is a move to do it.

More info at: https://www.engagespace.co.uk/engage/hackney/consultation_Dtl.aspx?consult_Id=2593&status=2&criteria=I


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