Rivington Street Modern Office Block

http://www.building.co.uk/news/breaking-news/planning-secured-for-51500ft2-office-in-shoreditch/5013170.articleNew office block in Rivington Street very modern.


  1. Excellent!

  2. @traxcitement do you have access to the article, you need to be registered to see details – I’m keen to see if it’s up to the standard of the Adjaye building that we talked about previously

  3. @ewebber @traxcitement That’s funny. I viewed it about 15mins ago without any trouble, but when I tried again just now, it asks for registration. Weird.

  4. I get it now, you get one view per day (or private browsing should sort it out)Here’s the drawing:Rivington StreetNot as elegant as the Adjaye building. It looks like it’s pretty much opposite it they should be careful that street doesn’t become too void of light it’s pretty narrow as it is. I wonder if it will affect Cargo’s beer garden’s light.”

  5. @ewebber Yes, I can only get one look per day, I looked around for other websites, but couldn’t find one with a pic. I saw it in a building magazine and quite like it!

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