Rio Cinema, Dalston

This is of course still here, but this is what it used to look like in 1984: From dusashenkaand now by @Traxcitement See more Hackney cinemas here:”


  1. Lovely building, never been inside though. My Nan worked there as an Usherette for a while when it was the Classic..

  2. I love this anecdote about the Rio from Patrick Wright’s A Journey Through Ruins:”In 1989 the actor Bob Hoskins visited the Dalston Rio to publicize the London launch of his film Who Framed Roger Rabbit? In the course of this visit to the cinema he used to attend as a boy Hoskins explained for the benefit of an interested enquirer that ‘New York is like Dalston only bigger’.””

  3. I’m sure I read somewhere that in the 90s, they replaced all the seats, with seats taken from Paul Raymond’s Revue Bar in Soho, when that had a refurb and was chucking the seats out. The seats have since been replaced again I think.

  4. \Popular independent cinema the Rio in Kingsland Road Dalston could be facing the final curtain if its profits don’t pick up.

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