Rileys of Clapton new Social club.

Hello all, this is our first post on yeahhackney and we wanted to use it to announce the opening of our new social club at 118 Lower Clapton Road.  At present we are still waiting to be granted a full licence but in the meantime we shall be selling lovely big Christmas trees out of the shop at real reasonable prices.  There will be cakes and praps a bit of mulled wine on the weekends (there might even be some christmas cheer in the air).  We are open 5-9 weekdays and 11-9 weekends. Once we are a fully licenced premises and all these trees have been given good homes we will start opening later and will publish a more detailed programme of events. Come and say hello, find out what we’re all about hang out amongst the sappy spruces.  There are preliminary plans to have an unofficial opening on Friday the 16th of December but I will post more on that over the weekend. Our blog at wordpress is a bit sparse but that will change over the course of this weekend too so keep your peepers peeled. Joe from Rileys.


  1. hurrah!

  2. Brilliant! We’ll be coming in over the next few weeks. What is the price range for the trees?

  3. Sounds good, will wait for your licence first though…

  4. @rileysofclapton now have an application submitted at the planning office for \Change of use from retail (A1 use) to drinking establishment (A4 use) with opening hours 08:00am – Midnight 7 days a week.” “

  5. Hooray! Can you write in support of an application? I went in there a couple of times when it was in pop up mode and it was really chilled.

  6. @robbieds yes you can!

  7. I have tried to visit Riley’s but couldn’t find it. Is it a hidden place? I thought it was at 118 Lower Clapton Road near Northumberland Mansions.

  8. @corbo-junior it’s not always open right now, they don’t have a licence. Maybe @rileysofclapton can you let you know when it’s next open

  9. Hope to catch it, I enjoy going to Biddle Bros now and then, and Clapton Hart a good addition to the area, so improving down that way, Thanks

  10. Looks like Riley’s has re-opened in their new spot: I’ll have to pop my head in this week.

  11. @rileysofclapton have now moved over the road

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