Rides galore

I have a few bike rides that I’d like to do this year.

The DoubleYou’s – Walthamstow – Woolwich – Wandsworth – Willsden Green – and back to Walthamstow. I did this last year and it was great fun. Despite cycling around London you can opt for the quieter roads. Its roughly 50 miles.

For a slightly more Yeah! Hackney feel, we could try; Hackney – Herne Hill – Harlsden – Hamstead – Hackney

Along side these I’d like to do a night ride. There is of course the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunwich_Dynamo but I might be away for that, so if anyone has any suggestions I’d love to hear them. London to Brighton at night – boom.


  1. Excellent, i’m away for the Dynamo too but would definitely like to do a night ride.

    5 H’s sounds like a brilliant idea too. Would be up for that too. You never know it could end up an annual ride!

  2. Those all sound great, count me in. Maybe we could work our way through the alphabet eventually

  3. I’m away for the DD as well – if I survive the Megavalanche and make it back I’d like to do the 5 Hs too 🙂

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