Anyone fancy joining me on this?https://www.lfgss.com/thread57290.html(it’s a single-speed/fixie forum but there are always a few geared bikes on the rides)


  1. I would do but I have plans. Maybe next time. What are you riding out of interest?

  2. That sounds great, count me in – I’m on an old crap bike that’s become single-speed by luck. I can move quickly on it though so no worries for being a slow-poke.

  3. @alexpink I’m on a battered old charge plug. It’s sturdy so I can throw it around a bit and it’s all good =)@stephenhignell Excellent! I’ve been on a couple of their rides before (starting at Parliament Square at 10pm and following the circle line all the way round) and it was fun. Should be good!

  4. Looking forward to it! So it’s close to hand, here’s the info…2011-02-27 Sun – Ride EastScenic daytime trip around the East-End, South-East and Thames.If you have never been down that way before this is an ideal opportunity to see London from a different vantage.Sunday 27th Feb11 AM Victoria Park (East drinks pub)33 KMs (ish)2/3rds out of traffic (Riverside and green chain)Finish Brick Lane area.

  5. Yep, the more the merrier, looking forward to this too!

  6. 11am tomorrow – see you there anyone who fancies coming. Think it’s at the pub at the Lauriston entrance to Victoria Park on the north side. There’ll be 120 cyclists so should be easy to spot :)07702 161209 / goodlegs on twitter in case of mishaps

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