Restart Project Event: Thursday June 21, Hoxton

More of this please! Hackney techies your skills are needed… Hi All The Restart Project ( aims to help people to either learn how to fix their electronic products (laptops phones appliances etc) or to help others by sharing their repair skills. Join us if you are a technician have some technical skills or if you want to learn new skills and hopefully get something repaired. Our first event took place in Hampstead on saturday and was attended by over thirty people. We managed to repair/restart a few laptops a watch a phone and a couple of printers. We would love to encourage more amateur repairers to participate The more we have the more items we can fix/repair and we could always use more repairers. The next event is this Thursday June 21 from 3:00 – 6:00pm in a gallery space in Hoxton N1. The event will be followed by a panel on “digital politics” from 7pm – where I’ll try to present some of the strategic reasons for embracing community repairing.  If you would like to come please sign up here:  The event page lists the time in some places as 3-5pm but this is a mistake it is 3-6pm  The event is FREE to attend.  More information on our website facebook page and twitter: and on twitter:!/restartproject Look forward to seeing you on thursday. Regards Ugo 

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  1. The Scavenger Network ( is going to try meet up with The Restart Project to discuss ways of linking up with each other! Linking and sharing ideas is definitely the best way to make something really great happen!! “

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