Residents Court Case – Hackney Council Hires QC

PLEASE HELP! A group of council leaseholders has come together in Hackney for several reasons. Firstly because of years of threatening letters from the council demanding huge sums of money for unjustified works, but finally because Hackney Council has employed a Q.C. to represent their interests (using tax payers money no doubt!). This is a case that could bypass decades worth of leaseholder protection legislation, and may provide a precedent to remove all due process for major works bills across the country. This case is quite local news, but the wider issue is of national interest. C4 recently covered the issues in Despatches.A residents association was recently formed in Camden because the same thing was going on there, and they seem to be winning . Other big cases include Highbury & Islington and Westminster. The Hackney Leaseholders are now forced to try to raise £6,000 in order to try to protect our rights. For resident to have to fight against a Q.C. is clearly wholly unfair, and employing a barrister is the only option. We have 2 weeks to raise another £3000. Any assistance you might be able to give would be greatly appreciated. All my bestSam TWITTER@HCLeaseholders FACEBOOK WEBSITE