Replacing exterior doors

I will probably replace my front and rear door in time but having never done this before I wondered how easy it is. Surely I would need to replace the frame also.


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  2. You should avoid replacing the frame if you can – that can get quite fiddly, and I’d only do it if the timber was done for. There are standard door sizes, and if your frame doesn’t seem to match them, then you should buy slightly bigger and reduce it till it fits – but not by too much, especially if they’re mortise and tenoned. I’m assuming you’re after timber doors. There are a couple of decent places to get them locally – one selling reclaimed doors, and the other new doors – they’re run by two brothers on either end of the Lea Bridge Road.

  3. This place:Although it’s changed it’s name now (From London Shop Fronts

  4. Aye. It was called the Reclaimers after that, and now (I think) it’s something else again. Still sells doors though.

  5. That looks perfect, although I’d call it door world. Lea bridge road is a) a gem and b) bloody handy for me. The current doors look standard size so hopefully it will be fairly straight forward. I always fancied a big oak front door, medieval style!!

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