Repair, don’t despair workshop 14th Sept

Restart logo Restart is popping up out east as a part of the ” How to Start Your Own Restart Party” workshop on Saturday 14th September at Arcola.The public is welcome to bring broken electronics and sad kit to troubleshoot and fix and by doing so help us prep a whole new crop of Restart hosts from around London and beyond. Recently we’ve been taking apart and repairing FM radios coffee grinders printers mobile phones laptops tablets hair driers you name it! And if you have an annoying software problem we can help you figure out what might be its cause!We’d especially love to encourage fixers and repairers from East London to get involved.For more info see


  1. I suppose its a forlorn hope that you can repair broken flatscreen tvs? Mine has just face-planted onto our floor resulting in a ruptured screen. If your not able to help do you know of anyone who might be able to repair it? Kind regards, Mike.

  2. @diamondjb just checking you have seen @claptonpieman ‘s response

  3. @davel what do you think?

  4. @claptonpieman A new TV repair shop has just opened on Clarence Road.But I’d guess that if the screen’s gone then it’s not a cost-effective repair.

  5. I suspected it might be a bit of a lost cause. Thankfully I think the insurance has it covered. Cheers guys.

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