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here’s the idea- a friend and i would like to buy a caravan and rent a space in potentially your garden in Hackney, where we are able to live for our last year of university. we would need very little- a bit of electricity and the use of the inside bathroom for warm water. Or, if u have a spare shed, we wouldn’t mind living there either! it would be cool to be part of a house community, be happy to cook and garden and share and work together. but we also don’t mind being independent if that’s preferred by you. We study anthropology and international development at SOAS in London, so will be in need of somewhere to live from October 2011 until June 2012. if u have a garden that could accommodate us, and don’t think the idea is too silly, please drop me a line. Alternatively, pointing us in the direction of someone that may have space would be greatly appreciated. thanks for your time! email:


  1. What a cool idea. Wish I could help but there’s a real lack of garden space up here on the 3rd floor.

  2. Hi there, you have commendable lateral thinking! Have you tried a group called the de Beauvoir Gardeners? They are based in the area just south of Dalston Junction. Not sure how big their gardens are but it’s worth checking them out. Celia (? not sure of her surname) from the group writes a column in E8 magazine. Otherwise, I wonder if you might have more luck a bit further out of town where people might have bigger gardens. Good luck!

  3. I’m struggling to think of an area of Hackney where this might be possible. Most homes are either flats or terraced so garden access is limited.

    Probably won’t be of help but is a nice website, sort of couch surfing for campers.

    Thinking about renting gardens in a different way, I wonder if there’s scope for setting up a garden share group to link keen gardeners with less keen garden owners?

  4. Living in a caravan or a shed in a garden is not a good idea, you will be jumped on by the council. Are you not aware of the ‘sheds with beds’ problem? Many landlords are exploiting tenants by charging sky high rents for garden sheds, completely ignoring sanitation problems, so you are likely to be viewed with utmost suspicions. Even if a friend allows you to park your caravan in their garden, if you stay there for more than 28 days you are expected to pay council tax and have a TV licence.

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