Removal company?

Not quite the right group, maybe, but sadly I’m moving away from Hackney for a bit and am looking for a recommended removal company (maybe a local one?).  It’s a pretty small move as I live in a furnished flat. Anyone know any decent ones?


  1. I used these guys moving from Hackney to Clerkenwell last year, they were very good. 2 men, huge 1000 cubic ft van and insurance in transit with AXA, moved everything in one go. I was a bit behind schedule, they even helped me pack, no packing charge but only charge for the extra hour. You do need to sort out their parking though.

  2. I’ll check them out, thank you!

  3. Hello Jessica. I used Rhino Removals when I moved here. It’s run by a lady named Michelle. She came well recommended and didn’t disappoint. Hope everything goes ok. x”

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