Reliable Car Mechanic

My car mechanic of many years standing has recently retired & I need someone new to look after my car. Having been previously burned by the odd unscrupulous firm, can anyone recommend a good local mechanic. I’m in the Lower Clapton/Millfields Park area. Thanks.


  1. The Car Hospital in Cricketfield Road next to Three Sisters is very reliable and trustworthy. Has been discussed on a thread somewhere here before

  2. I use MD motors on Gunton Road/Upper Clapton Rd – been using them for years – Lambros the owner is very good – and I don’t get any nasty surprised with the bill.

  3. Hi all, It looks like the Car Hospital in Cricketfield Road has closed. Have they relocated or gone for good? I had hoped to go to them for freshening up the paintwork on my old Saab. A bit of polishing and touching up to revive some very flat and dull paint. Can anyone recommend a garage that’d be suitable for a job like this? Thanks.

  4. @karlrees Car Hospital closed some months ago now. I’m not aware of them relocating anywhere. Incidentally, there is currently a planning application being considered for flats and office for the site. Sorry, that doesn’t answer your question.

  5. Car Hospital – Andrew, the proprietor, closed the business due to ill health. He had some treatment & expects to make a good recovery but will not re-open, preferring to work part-time at other garages.

  6. try the place on Gunton Road next door to Clapton Station, they are very decent, I’ve been using them for about 16 years.

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