Rebirth – 4-21 May – Hoxton Hall – a new season of performance chosen by young people

Rebirth is an exciting new season of performance chosen by young people at Hoxton Hall this May.Trial of The Mariner, 7-21 MayPost-apocalyptic sea voyage set in the not too distant future, Trial of The Mariner is an immersive new play using live music, puppetry, dance and circus arts to explore climate change and the future of our oceans. Inspired by Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, and featuring a recycled set made out reused materials, put your plastic where your mouth and set sail with us this May.For more information please click here: priced £5-12.50. 7.30pm Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 2.00pm Sundays. 7-21 May.Ave A Banana: A Knees Up Through Time and SpaceUnderbling and Vow bring their wonky sing-along to Hoxton Hall for the Opening Night of the Rebirth season. A time machine powered by tea and gin, and four rambunctious characters trying to find their way back home along the space-time continuum and the pop superhighway. From Music Hall to Grime, via some surprising musical twists and turns along the way.For more information please click here: £5-12.50. 7.30pm, 4 May.For more information about the season, please visit Rebirth