Re-gifting-gift-swapping CHRISTMASH SPESH with ETSY!

Drop-in to our festive pop up party for games, good times, Gaggle DJs, and of course – craft!Bring along unwanted gifts, no-longer-needed knick-knacks (such as an old favourite book), or homemade items (from jam to jewellery) that together we’ll re-package, re-distribute (via a massive game of pass the parcel!), and re-gift (to friends, family, charity, or even anonymously gift-dropped!).We’ll have tons of materials (vintage ribbons, fabrics and magazines etc) and the tools so you can create gift tags and wrapping to personalise each re-gift. And don’t worry you come empty handed, we’ll also have ready made re-gifts!The aim is to make people think about all the things they’ve thrown away and over-consumption at Xmas – all these unwanted articles that could have ended up in a landfill, but instead have been given a new lease of life as individualised gifts!…best of all; ENTRY IS FREE, BOOZE IS FREE, AND ALL THE GIFTS ARE GIVEN AWAY – FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!!So razzle on over for a low carbon, creative, Christmas mash up – Re-love the pre-loved! : ) Let us know you’re coming!


  1. this sounds great … i’m in bath until that day and not sure i’ll want to pop out again so quickly. hmm. fantastic idea. thanks for sharing!

  2. Is the date and venue here, or am I missing it?

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