Raw Duck (from Duck Soup folk) opening in Hackney Central

Raw Duck will be opening in Hackney Central (next to Cirrik on Amhurst Rd) in late June – it’s going to be a wineshop, cafe, bar and restaurant. Duck Soup is the original and is in Soho. It’s fairly pricey but very tasty. http://www.hot-dinners.com/Gastroblog/Latest-news/duck-soup-to-open-raw-duck-in-hackney


  1. Interesting, I would imaging they might have to drop their prices if they are to attract the Mess breakfast crowd.

  2. They should be paying cheaper rent in Hackney than Soho, and you’d hope that would translate into prices. But maybe not.

  3. Wow. I had heard snippets of Duck Soup opening up another restaurant thing on Amhurst Road, but wasn’t sure where. Wonder if they’ll be stocking local beer (ahem…) as well as being a wine shop. Anyway, should prove interesting.

  4. Interesting! That will be very different for this area and pretty welcome too. I’ll try to go for lunch in its first week – maybe there’s a promotion in store. In other news, I wonder what restos might open in the new Pembury development!

  5. Walked past yesterday and it’s open! I didn’t take a photo and didn’t go in. If you do, report back, please! 🙂

  6. From twitter…https://twitter.com/Raw_Duckrawduckrawduck

  7. might be able to pop in on monday and try it out. maybe even on the weekend! anyone been in yet?

  8. Went to Raw Duck yesterday before going off to see @quitepeculiar at the Five Points Brewery Open House – thanks Doreen! – I had a cappuccino and a small piece of orange polenta cake. Bill was over £6. Verdict – coffee decent, not outstanding (what brand do they use, anyone know?) and the cake very small but delicious! Wifi in there and they have put some (what looked like) folding chairs in the back yard. Nice alternative to others around although the E8 coffee wagon on the Narrow Way has a better brew. (By the way, how is Josh doing now the buses aren’t stopping there any more!! I just thought of that…)

  9. @janice I suspect  that in the longer term the E8 Coffee wagon thingy will do well out of Narrow Way pedestrianisation. But there’s still that former Park Keepers office and store that is to be converted into a cafe that might be a greater threat to his business;http://www.yeahhackney.com/cafe-for-st-john-at-hackney-churchyard/

  10. @Janice I went this morning, and thought it was a little on the pricey side too – my friend’s avocado on toast was £6, when you’d expect it to cost £4 – £4.50 elsewhere locally. The quality of the ingredients wasn’t markedly different. But I did really like it – a nice vibe and gorgeous interior.

  11. @benjamin that would be a shame since josh serves a superior coffee.@robbieds – agreed. did you have coffee? i rarely order avocado in london since hardly anyone knows when it’s ripe. eaten far too many expensive and unripe guac. dishes – what did your friend think?

  12. @Janice I did have coffee, and liked it (they use Caravan beans), but it’s not as good as 119 Lower Clapton, 46B Espresso Hut or Cooper and Wolf on the coffee front.

  13. Raw duck is now closed due to structural issues, more on that over here: http://www.yeahhackney.com/7-19-amhurst-rd-e8/I'm now closing this thread

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