@librarycafehack Raising Awareness for Kickstarter Campaign that will give Hackney a Literary Space

I’m here to try to raise awareness for our kickstarter campaign which will be going live April 1st. We’ve got some great rewards lined up which include live performances from Andrew Motion, Kate Tempest, Jackie Kay, Polly Toynbee, Iain Sinclair, Inua Ellams, Michael Rosen, John Hegley… and more are coming on board every day. If you want to know more please visit our website: thelibrarycafehackney.co.ukor follow us on: facebook.com/thelibrarycafehackney or twitter.com/@librarycafehack. Here is what we’re about: Whilst arts budgets are being cut and community wells are running dry, The Library Café is aiming to become London’s premier literary café. We want to fill the final space with books which the general public can loan for free, plan subsidised literary and spoken word events, host open-mic poetry and flash fiction nights, encourage the space to be used by book groups, run not-for-profit creative workshops, produce a not-for-profit monthly anthology (‘The Hacks’) made up of the writing of Hackney residents and pick up as many realistic suggestions as possible from the creative community along the way. There will also be an exciting selection of breakfast and lunch foods on the menu whose ingredients, wherever possible, will highlight and support Hackney producers and enterprises; through direct trade and by promoting suppliers who sell through Hackney markets. Thank you in advance for any support. We just want to add to what is already a great and exciting borough.

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  1. Got Polly Toynbee on board today!

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