Quiz date and time

I’m going to run the quiz on Thursday 6th Jan at around lunchtime (1ish depending on meetings). Hope you can all make it


  1. if 1pm will likely be out. if i’m here, i’m in!

  2. i’m in

  3. Shame, won’t be free at 1pm. Will def get involved if there’s any future ones in the early evenings!

  4. Quick straw poll …… 1pm or 7pm for the quiz on Thursday?@kykylala @kuxi @davo @franceshwilson @mattyc @chloe24 @billy68 @alexisk @Janice @alexpink @ollie @gcar – can you just let me have a yes/no for both timesThanks

  5. I could make 7, but not 1…

  6. Both are ok for me atm

  7. I would love to enter but I already know the answers! Shame.

  8. Right, it’s going to have to be 1pm because I can’t do the evening – hope to see some of you there! Emily

  9. new thread or this one?

  10. will be a new forum thread for each q…… watch http://www.yeahhackney.com/groups/yeah-hackney-quiz-of-the-year-2010/home/ for updatesRight T minus 5 mins

  11. exciting!

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