Question 3

There are 10 questions btw…..Which new cinema recently opened in Hackney Central raising the much depleted stock of cinemas in the borough?


  1. Picture House… ?

  2. I’m too slow off the mark. Knew 2 and 3. *refresh* *refresh* *refresh* etc.

  3. I think?

  4. yup yupOk Bonus question….. What was the building previously?

  5. Stupid Ocean building, though I can’t remember what it was for. It just stood around, being useless.

  6. And before that?

  7. Wasn’t it meant to be a community centre of some ilk?

  8. *blank*

  9. Nope

  10. a library originally

  11. Random guess: porn cinema!

  12. good timing: my flatmate’s using all the bandwidth at the mo 🙁

  13. Oh the Ocean? The Ocean was an events centre, mostly music

  14. @saladefolle – yes it was the Library, before it moved across the road

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