Question 12:

What historical building in Clapton did local campaigners save in August?


  1. Chatsworth palace?

  2. @kuxi – nope, potentially a little obscure, but I know about it!

  3. palm 2

  4. nope – I’ll leave this one open for now

  5. The tram depot? Is that historic?

  6. @gcar – yeah, it has history, right – have you seen those tram lines?Ok, what is it going to become?

  7. flats?

  8. i know of the depot but i’ve never been up there, is it worth a look?

  9. @gcar – no they campaigned for good things

  10. is that a no to flats or no don’t bother going up there 🙂

  11. no to flats – there isn’t much to see there at the moment – worth a nose though if you are passing

  12. oh i thought it was social housing.i’m going to google if that’s ok.

  13. Google away

  14. • 92 residential units comprising 50 per cent affordable housing• Renovation and extension of the larger tram shed• Provision of replacement light industrial and commercial space to offer over 70 jobs• A new larger community centre with improved facilities and access• Provision of shared and private open space• A pedestrian pathway to link Casimir Road to Upper Clapton RoadQuite a lot then!

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