Quaker Burial Ground Yoakley Road N16

I am looking for information on the Quaker Burial Ground in Yoakley Road Stoke Newington. I believe the almshouses were demolished circa 1957, but I would like to know more about the site, where the gravestones were originally positioned and when they were moved to the boundary of the grounds. If anyone knows anything about this or knows if information is available anywhere in a website, book etc. I would be grateful.


  1. Before it was called Yoakley Road it was called Park Street. You can see the meeting house marked on some of the maps at Local Local History. This British History Online page on Stoke Newington has a reference to ‘Records of Friends’ Burial Grd. Yoakley Rd.’ (TS. 1957 S.N.L. cuttings 46.4) which might be worth tracking down. SNL = Stoke Newington Library?? Not sure. Have you tried approaching Stoke Newington Quakers? “

  2. Thanks @jamieb I have sent them an email.

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