pubs on christmas day in hackney

Anyone know of any pubs that are going to be open on christmas day in Hackney? Gonna be stuck on my own in Clapton, need to find somewhere to drown sorrows, etc.


  1. Not a pub, so may not be any good for your needs, but Su Sazzagoni on Lauriston Road (@SuSazzagoni) is open for Christmas Dinner (Sardinian style).  Doors open 1230; last orders 1430″

  2. not a pub, but weirdly the creperie on chatsworth road is set to be open on christmas day, too. but the sardo dinner sounds amazing!

  3. Kids Company are hosting a feats for local kids on Christmas Day. They may need volunteers and it would be cheerier than being alone. Details are here

  4. Lizzie its before Xmas Day but there’s a Ceilidh at Chats palace on Wednesday night which should be fun.

  5. thanks everyone!!

  6. The Jolly Butchers in Stoke Newington is open 12-3, I spoke to the Landlord last week, I reckon the Crooked Billet in Upper Clapton will be open too.

  7. A late entry is Hoxton Howl on Hoxton St, open 11 ’til 4-5ish

  8. There’s scheming around the Jolly Butchers for there to be special puddings on, according to their Twitter page. “

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