Public Speaking For Artists Workshop

Of course as an artist you have fascinating stuff to say, but if public speaking is out of your comfort zone, it’s not that easy. Rest assured, you are not alone; it’s the same for most people.Luckily, the tools to help with nerves and make positive changes are simple to learn. Over two evenings, this workshop will help you with try-outs and techniques to simplify and enhance how you speak about your art/art practice. The confidence you gain will help with speaking to the press, giving an artist talk or networking at a Private View.The sessions will combine easy exercises, accessible tools and honest, kind feedback. We will cover: speaking more easily ‘off the cuff’, how to put across your ideas in an concise format, planning a structure for a talk which both helps you remember it & bring it to life.The coaching will highlight your natural strengths, help with distracting habits and offer tips to enhance your presence as an authoritative speaker. It will start to come more naturally. This course will run over two evenings:Tuesday 23rd July 18.30 – 21.00pmTuesday 30th July 18.30 – 21.00pmThe ticket price of £85 includes both sessions, there are some early bird tickets available for £75 if you book at least 10 days before the first workshop. Maggie Sawkins has much experience in learning to speak in public and as a ‘recovering shy person’, is an ideal tutor. She trains with clarity, warmth & a light touch and will ensure you progress easily and effortlessly. She has been speaker and MC at large speaking events, on topics from ‘Mediation in the Met’, ‘What else to wear!’ (a speech about accessories) to ‘The Joy of Burnout’. She has taught thousands of teenagers and hundreds of adults (bridegrooms, judges, jobseekers) to put themselves across in a way that works.