Pub quiz at the Pembury

Dear Twee8ers,If you’re not doing anything on Valentine’s Day (let’s face it: if you’re single) why not come to the Pembury, the spiritual home of #Twee8 for a good ol pub quiz.Details here it’s organised by the “Pembury Tavern Irregulars” who seem a like-minded bunch of Hackneyites.”


  1. it sounds like good fun – can I come if I’m not single, but I don’t celebrate Valentines day

  2. @alexpink – you up for this, I know how you love pub quizes

  3. I love them! Think I’ve got some decorating to do..

  4. @ewebber of course! A significant other is no barrier to pub quiziness. I was never a particular fan of it even when I wasn’t single Nothing more romantic than a pint of Minotaur in any case.

  5. just found out I gotta get up stupid early tomorrow morning, so gonna have to give this a miss – catch you on weds

  6. Oh yes, I am in email newsletter hell for the next few hours in any case so I don’t think I’ll make it!

  7. won’t make it tonight (work) and not weds (got a dinner to go to). now i’m out of luck till may. have a good one (or three) without me!

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