1. Not Hackney!

  2. Shoreditch High Street isn’t? Must be on the border then.

  3. It’s in Leather Lane, Farringdon – obviously coffee outside Hackney doesn’t taste as good 😉

  4. I read about this in the Metro. I was in Hackney at the time! Who opens anything in Farringdon – doush.

  5. Jeez peeps!Prufrock Coffee @ Present140 Shoreditch High StreetLondonE1 6JE

  6. ah cool, the map reckons that is in Hackney (as long as I got my borders right) that article is about the one in Clerkenwell

  7. I went to the new branch in Leather Lane. Quite a strange unit. Very big, and odd lighting. It felt a bit spartan. But, the coffee was superb…

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