Protect your favourite Hackney Building

This came from Hackney Gazette:People are being asked to nominate their favourite Hackney buildings for local listing to protect them for future generations.All the buildings nominated as part of the Love Local Landmarks scheme will be considered by Hackney Council for inclusion on the borough’s Local List.This gives buildings a special status which is taken into account by the council’s planning officers when making decisions affecting their future.Only buildings that are of historical interest architectural interest environmental significance or aesthetic or artistic merit will be considered.The Local List has not been reviewed since 1991 and as yet does not include many of Hackney’s significant 20th-century buildings.The Love Local Landmarks project is part-funded by English Heritage and Discover Hackney and is being co-ordinated by the Hackney Society in partnership with Hackney Council.Chair of the Hackney Society Kevin Moore said: “This project provides a unique opportunity for people in Hackney to take part in selecting and protecting some of the borough’s special buildings.”To nominate a building before the end of April log on to is interesting saving buildings rather than knocking them down to make way for new ugly ones!Sadly the link isn’t working for me follow this topic and I’ll update when I know more”


  1. I asked the Gazette about that link and they have currently change it to:To nominate a building before the end of April, email update if/when I find out more

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